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Bay Keramik 508-30 Vase

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Bay keramik vase 508, view one

Bay Keramik Vase 508; description, purchase info below.

Bay keramik vase 508, second view

Bay keramik vase 508g, bottom


Description, Buying, and Such Things

Description: Great turquoise color on a classic form would be enough to make this Bay Keramik 508-30 vase a great piece of art pottery, but it doesn't stop there. The glaze is textured with small clumps, each of which affects the coloring, causing light, near white spots. Then we have a geometric design in applied slip in a contrasting black. It's somehow both simple and complex, and it's definitely beautiful and striking. Not sure of the date, although I lean toward early to mid 1960s based on design and use of the full "West-Germany".

Height is about 12".

Condition is excellent with no chips, no cracks, no damage. Our guarantee is simple. If you don't like it, send it back. All you risk is the return shipping.

Price is $195 plus shipping/insurance. We'll work out the best shipping options with you,including whatever discount we get if using Pirateship.

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