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Gin-For's Odditiques West and East German Pottery For Sale

Gin-For's Odditiques
                    with Forrest, Berlioz, and West German Pottery

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Here's an example of West German pottey that you won't find often or easily. The "Poesie" design is incised and hand painted, much like the Ruscha "Engobe" series but in a matte glaze rather than with enamel, although the raised dots in the decoration are enamel. Another uncommon feature is that this series is artist signed by a known Marzi & Remy decorator (and maybe designer), M. L. Spangenburg. This series tended to feature Spanish scenes in keeping with the 1950s desire to think of more exotic, romantic, or peaceful scenes than the still remaining ruins and memories of WWII. Shape is 1061 with a height designation of 30cm.

Size: Height is about 12".

Price: $250 plus shipping and insurance.

Shipping will depend on location. Contact us for a quote.

Condition: Condition: excellent with no damage and no repairs. There's an odd glaze variation with the marbled brown, not sure why. All sales are fully guaranteed.

Marzi & Remy Vase with Poesie Decor Marzi & Remy Vase with Poesie Decor, detail photo Marzi & Remy Vase with Poesie Decor, mark photo Marzi & Remy Vase with Poesie Decor Marzi & Remy Vase with Poesie Decor

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