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This French Opaline glass vase is of fine quality and unusual size and shape, not what you find most often in Opaline. It was probably part of a mantel set originally. Coloring is soft yet rich, and the glass is filled with tiny, irregular seed bubbles. Date of origin is no later than the late 19th century but could be significantly earlier. (And it's priced assuming circa 1890.) The pontil is small and unfinished. Coloring makes it hard to see, but there's an extensive wear ring on the bottom...from actual age. The glass is fairly thin and light, elegant. While Opaline is not hard to find, especially later items, this is an uncommon, older piece, not a recent import.

Condition is excellent with no damage or repairs. Of course, all our sales are fully guaranteed.

Size: Height is about 7".

Price: $95 plus shipping/insurance based on location

Opaline Glass Vase Opaline Glass Vase detail Opaline Glass Vase, bottom photo

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