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Vases in this five spout form with rigaree were designed by Vittorio Zecchin Cappellin, Venini, & Co. back in the 1920's, but they have been made by the Spanish company, Gordiola for a while now. From what I've read, it's not easy to tell the difference...unless you've been lucky enough to have copies of both. It's possible that the earlier items are slightly smaller and thinner, but that's a rather iffy way to distinguish blown glass. Most of the ones on the net are attribued to Venini, but I have my doubts. Of those confirmed as Gordiola, I've seen a 2" variation in height, although that seems to depend mostly on the length of the neck.

This one has enough wear on the base to be from the 1920's, but I'm figuring that it's actually a Gordiola version and pricing accordingly. Oh, and they are often referred to as soffiato vases, although that seems to cover a wide range.

Condition: excellent with no damage and no repairs. Yes, the top leans a bit....but in the making. Of course, all our sales are fully guaranteed.

Height is about 6" with a maximum diameter about 6".

Price: $35 plus shipping/insurance based on location (The USPS has changed it's rates, but I'll offer choices as best I can. Just get in touch.)

Amber Soffiato Five Spout Vase Amber Soffiato Five Spout Vase Amber Soffiato Five Spout Vase Amber Soffiato Five Spout Vase

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